Self Defense

Schedule your Self-Defense Seminar Today: Are you looking for some lessons on group Self-Defense. This is open to any group which we teach very basic self-defense that can be used by anyone. Going off to college or just wanting to learn to feel safe we are the school for you.‚Äč

We also offer Women's self defense, Anti - Bullying, Stranger Danger seminars, as well as basic demonstrations.

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Pee - Wee Pups

Ages 4 - 6

Introduction to martial arts training for pre- school children. Students learn important lessons in cooperation and teamwork as well as autonomy and self- confidence. This is a developmentally- appropriate curriculum designed using child psychology. And, oh boy, is it fun!!

Defiance Classes: Tue, Wed, & Fri. Check the schedule for details.

Karate K-9s

Ages 7 - 14

Serious martial arts training that is seriously fun. This is the age level where students really succeed and excel. They learn self- discipline and self-mastery through a regimented age-appropriate program. Reality-based self-defense scenarios give practical approaches to stranger danger and anti-bullying.

Defiance Classes: Tue, Wed, & Fri Check the schedule for details.

De-Jeon Hapkido

Ages 15 - Adult

This curriculum is the melding of time-honored tradition and modern innovation. This particular program was founded by Philip Florence.

Defiance Classes: Tue, Wed, & Fri. Check the schedule for details.

San Ryu Do International

Ages 7 - Adult

San Ryu Do International was created by Dr Robert Braff with the belief that anyone can learn to defend themselves using simple techniques. The techniques were developed from an eclectic combination of styles and influences from around the world in an effort to bring the student an easily learned system that reflects the Samurai of old. Dr Braff created the system in 1985 and has since seen the growth of the system grow to other countries such as Australia, Germany, China, Japan, and throughout the United States.